Welcome to InteriorCamping's Website!

Temporary Landing Page - Work In Progress!


I am InteriorCamping; a Canadian university student who enjoys designing, studying, and creating, overly intricate systems (often wasting far too much time and effort to do so)!
I enjoy reading (high fantasy is awesome), hybrid orchestral music (Hans Zimmer is awesome), backcountry camping (hence my username), and traveling (the arctic is awesome).

I also really enjoy sandbox/infinite simulation video games, of which, MineCraft is my favourite. MC has had a significant impact on my life; through playing MineCraft, I have become adequate at Systems Administration, Community Management, and Building. My past projects have included the BuildFlow Network, Spectra Community, and work on the LockedCraft Network.
My current project is a complete two week restoration of the late LockedCraft Network as to send off the server (and thus my childhood) as it should. have ended.

And that's all; this is my website! As you can see, there isn't much stuff here... yet.
This webserver is mostly used to host some back-end and networking stuff for my other projects, as well as a few miscellaneous pages here and there.
I have yet to find anything interesting to put on the site's front-end, so for now, I am just going to leave this landing page.